It happens only in India……….

A Local court In Bhopal issued summons to tennis star Sania Mirza for allegedly disrespecting national flag during a function some time back. The case was filed by a social worker Prakash Singh Thakur under the Prevention of Insult to the National Honor Act (1971). It is highly shameful that some people like to exaggerate the things too much. The picture is not capable of explaining the situation correctly and it is being interpreted in the wrong spirit.

Here I would like to Question Mr. Thakur Why he is not filing a suit against M/s Nirmala Devi , The self proclaimed Goddess for the gross disrespect for the tricolor? (Pictures shown above ) Sania is being penalized as she is a sports person and so called Nirmala Devi is being left untouched as she is a religious figure?

I want support from all of the Sania Fans to come together and fight it out.